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Want to give or receive a prostate milking?There are 5 VERY IMPORTANT things you must remember
to prevent possible pain or damage to the prostate. Many men have reported intense ejaculations
and orgasms while a prostate milking is being performed.

Prostate milking is a term which is used to refer to massaging the prostate gland in order to secrete
semen. This process is sometime used as a medical procedure in order to secrete what is deemed
to be excess fluid from the prostate. Many medical practitioners feel it is a safe and effective way to
treat a condition known as benign prostate hyperplasia, which is an enlarged prostate. There is
some speculation as to whether a prostate milking should involve a vigorous or gentle massage,
however; most health professionals recommend a gentle massage in order to conduct a prostate
milking as a vigorous approach has been known to cause serious and life threatening internal
damage. A prostate milking massage can either be done in a professional medical office or at home.
In some cases a doctor will perform a prostate milking in order to obtain a sample of prostate fluid for
testing purposes. Men who are not accustomed to this procedure may feel uncomfortable with a
prostate milking. The procedure can also be performed at home and can either be performed alone
or with the assistance of another person. Devices are marketed for the sole purpose of assisting an
individual with performing his own prostate milking and are commonly called prostate massagers or
aneros. In some cases, a spouse or significant other may wish to assist with a prostate milking.
For this type of procedure the other person inserts their finger into the anus of the male, finds the
prostate gland and massages gently. The prostate gland is located about two inches inside the
rectum on the front wall, close to the penis. The prostate gland itself is about the size of a walnut, so it
it is usually fairly easy to find. It is best for a lubricant to be used. Many physicians also recommend
that a condom be used to reduce the risk of introducing bacteria to the prostate gland. Latex medical
gloves are also recommended as a guard against bacteria introduction.

Some men find that a
prostate milking is also an erotic form of sexual interaction and many people
believe that a prostate milking can provide numerous benefits. One common belief is that a prostate
milking will prevent the buildup of semen in the prostate, thus making it unnecessary for the man to
ejaculate at other times. Men who partake in prostate milking and massage state that the orgasm is
much more intense than an orgasm with traditional sex or masturbation and it is frequently
recommended as a form of sexual interaction when the other partner is either unavailable or the male
simply does not wish to engage in other forms of sexual intercourse for whatever reason. Other
individuals simply find a prostate milking to be an excellent form of sexual pleasure and equate it to
manipulation of the female G-spot. At its most extreme prostate milking is also sometimes used in
intimate relationships as a way to dominate the male in the relationship.

Generally when prostate milking occurs, the release of the semen occurs more in flow rather than a
regular ejaculation. Some people recommend masturbation along with prostate milking in order to
increase the amount of semen that is released as well as the intensity of the pleasure involved.

Individuals who take part in
prostate milking should be aware that there are some health risks
involving if the massage is done too vigorously. If there is any blood present in the fluid that is
expelled, the prostate milking should be stopped immediately and if the blood returns in the urine or
semen, the individual should seek professional medical help. Individuals should also be aware of
any pain in their lower abdomen, as this may also be a sign that internal damage has occurred as a
result of the prostate milking.
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