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The Male G-spot, or prostate, is located a couple inches inside the rectum pointing
towards the belly. Stimulation of the male g-spot can cause intense orgasms. Anal toys
that have a firm forward curve are designed to stimulate the prostate. Three of the most
popular male g-spot toys are:

Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulator - This is the most popular prostate massage toy. With
it's patented design, the Aneros stimulates the prostate resulting in electrifying and
unsurpassed orgasms.
Scorpion Stinger - Designed for prostate stimulation, it also pleases your genitals with
pleasurable vibrating sensations.
Rear Ender - Has an exclusive shape. With its patented curve, The Rear Ender offers
two sensations. It reaches the prostate for the man.

Mens Pleasure Wand-This is the ultimate device for men who want to stimulate several
areas of ecstasy at the same time. The Pleasure Wand is able to massage both the
prostate and the genitals simultaneously. The handy remote control allows the user to
choose their personal speed preference and the wand is easily insertable with the
attached handle. What makes this item extra rewarding is that it's waterproof, so it can
be used the shower, bath, sauna or any place for immediate and satisfying stimulus.

Whatever prostate stimulator or prostate massager you may choose can dramatically
add to your prostate pleasure. More and more items are becoming available for men
who are looking to improve the intensity of their orgasms.
        5 Important Things To Remember With Prostate Milking

1)Always check with your doctor before doing a prostate milking or prostate
massage, especially if you have any questions about the health of your prostate.
2)When you are overweight or not limber, it can be difficult to this yourself. Find
someone else who can do it for you.
3)Use a lubricant made with quality ingredients and is non-allergenic. Test a small
amount of the lubricant on the opening of your anus prior to the prostate milking.
4)Wear latex gloves to prevent possible bacteria and health problems.
5)Apply pressure gradually, and do not cause pain. This massage should never
cause pain. If it does, stop immediately.

It is important to note that there can be serious health consequences if a prostate
milking or prostate massage is done incorrectly.  
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prostate milking toys
prostate milking toys