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Prostate massage techniques usually involves potentially one of four different techniques to
massage the prostate. A common prostate massage technique is either an internal prostate
massage, an external prostate massage, prostate milking or the use of a prostate
massager. Each prostate massage technique is slightly different and all of the prostate
massage techniques has it's advantages and disadvantages. You must decide which
techniques are right for massaging your prostate as some work better depending on your
experience or physical size. The general idea of a prostate massage is to produce a prostate
orgasm and learn a variety of prostate massage techniques that work best for you.
A prostate massage technique can produce a prostate orgasm that  is usually much more
intense and of a longer duration than a typical male orgasm. Beside the pleasurable benefits
to prostate massage, massaging your prostate also offers significant prostate health

These prostate health benefits include reducing the symptoms of painful prostate disorders
such as an enlarged prostate and prostate massage can offer long term prostate health
protection from prostate disease and potentially prostate cancer.

A common prostate massage technique is an external prostate massage which involves
rubbing and massage the area below your scrotum and above your anus. Pressure should
be light and experiment with different patterns using one or two fingers.

While this prostate massage technique may feel pleasurable, it generally will not produce a
prostate orgasm and does not offer any health benefits to your prostate.

The most common prostate massage techniques involve an internal prostate massage or
prostate milking which involves the insertion of your finger into your rectum. Many men have
difficulty reaching their prostate this way.

The forth prostate massage technique would be using a prostate massager. A prostate
massager such as the
Aneros can often be the easiest and most effective way to produce a
prostate orgasm.
prostate massage technique
prostate massage techniques
prostate massage techniques
prostate massage techniques