Prostate ejaculation can produce an intense orgasm from the prostate which is
both beneficial for pleasure and health. Recently, more and more men and
medical practitioners are recommending this. The article below discusses the
benefits and the basic information you need to know.

This intense  
prostate ejaculation from prostate milking is what makes the
prostate milking for pleasurably for males. This type of orgasm is also known
as a prostate orgasm as the prostate is sometimes know as the "male g-spot".

The prostate's main purpose is to help in the manufacture of semen, however
if it is stimulated properly, is capable of intense orgasms. Many men only think
about their prostate when they have a problem with it or the associated
issues related when a man ages. In North American society however, the
prostate is quickly becoming know as a sexual gland also.

The "male g-spot" or prostate can be both stimulated internally and externally.
The external stimulation is often called a prostate massage. While many men
might enjoy the feelings of an external prostate massage, it does not offer the
intense prostate orgasms of an internal prostate massage or prostate milking.

In general,
prostate milking is usually easier if you have a partner to help,
however there are several prostate massager's and prostate stimulator's
available to help with self prostate milking including the very popular Aneros.

Prostate milking can also be an effective treatment for chronic prostatitis and
benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Prostate milking can help to drain the
highly painful build up of seminal fluid in men with a chronically inflamed
prostate. While beneficial for some individuals,prostate milking it is NOT
advisable for men with acute prostatitis as a prostate milking may for allow the
prostate infection to spread to other parts of the body.

If you have any concerns about
prostate milking or prostate stimulation you
should consult your medical practitioner prior to starting this kind of activity.

If you are looking to improve your orgasms intensity and duration then a
prostate milking may be for you. More and more men all around the world are
finding that this type of activity is beneficial to improve and maintain prostate
health through-out their lifetime.

As well, you don't have to take any pills, supplements, vitamins or use any
other expensive products to get the full benefit, you just need to learn the
proper techniques.
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