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Prostate Cum
prostate cum
Learn Prostate
Massage and Prostate
Prostate cum is released from your prostate when it is stimulated. This can be
quite easy to achieve through a prostate massage or prostate milking.

Many men find that releasing large amounts of prostate cum or prostate fluid
can be very pleasurable as well as benefiting their prostate health. During
sexual arousal the prostate gland manufactures fluid that accounts for about
sixty to seventy percent of the volume of ejaculate.

Men with a variety of prostate problems find relieve from the painful
symptoms by releasing this prostate cum through the
prostate massage.
or also know as milking cum.

The prostate makes and secretes prostate cum, one of the five major fluids
that make up semen. Semen is the ‘bodyguard’ for sperm. Sperm make up
only about 10% of the semen. The other 90% is, in effect, protection and
nourishment for the sperm. The prostatic fluid gives ejaculate its typical milky
colour. It makes up about a third of the entire ejaculate volume.

Prostate cum is slightly alkaline. This helps motility and fertility of the sperm
once it gets where it’s going.

Sperm and prostate cum are ejaculated first, followed by fructose rich fluid
from the seminal vesicles, though you won’t be able to tell this by just looking!

A clotting enzyme from the prostate cum makes the ejaculate clot weakly.
This holds the semen in the deeper regions of the vagina where the cervix
lies. In the early minutes after ejaculation the sperm remains relatively
immobile within this clot. After 15-30 minutes the clot begins to dissolve. As it
dissolves, the sperm become highly motile. This has an obvious advantage in
reproduction – the sperm are in the best place to increase the chances of
fertilisation. Apart from the clotting and dissolving enzymes prostate cum
contains,calcium, citrate, and phosphate.
Zinc is also found in the prostate at high concentrations. Again its role
remains mysterious but scientists think it has some role in fighting bacterial
infection in the prostate.
prostate cum
prostate cum
prostate cum