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Male milking has become very popular in the last 10 years and men of all ages
are learning about how pleasurable having their prostate milked can be. Male
milking or more often know as prostate milking involves a number of things to
stimulate the prostate which can produce an intense orgasm if done correctly.

Most men do not know that their prostate is capable of producing an intense
orgasm often called a prostate orgasm. This is usually done with the help of a
prostate massage toy or prostate stimulator or the more common manual method
which involves inserting your lubricated finger about one inch or so into your anus
and with proper stimulation techniques, experience an very intense orgasm.

Male milking for some people may refer to a more "hard core" BDSM activity
which can involve the denial of the actual orgasm itself but for the majority of men,
male milking is very similar to prostate milking or prostate massage which are
more common and universally accepted (although potentially inaccurate) terms
used to describe this often erotic activity.

While male milking the prostate or male g-spot can produce a very intense
orgasm unlike a typical penile orgasm, their are some potential cautions and
dangers men should be aware of. Men with certain prostate problems or infections
should not consider this activity however for most men, male milking is generally
safe using some basic safety considerations.

Using the proper amount of lubrication as well as the right type is important and
how you actually stimulate the prostate for your male milking is very important so
you need to know the right techniques that will work for you. Reliable information
on these subjects is tough to find and quite often incorrect so make sure that you
learn the right way and proven techniques for your male milking and if you have a
partner helping, make sure they also learn the correct methods.

So, where do you find good information about male milking or to read
male milking
stories or learn proper male milking techniques? We recommend you visit
www.ProstateMassageExpert.com where you can learn all of these techniques
from a male milking expert, Ling Arturo. Her website is an excellent resource
center to learn everything you need to know.
male milking
male milking