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external prostate massage
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An external prostate massage can be easy to perform for yourself with out step by step free
lessons. An external prostate massage is generally used for pleasure as an external
prostate massage usually for most men will not produce a prostate orgasm.

In general, men use either an internal prostate massage or an external prostate massage for
two very different reasons. An internal prostate massage can be used to relieve the painful
symptoms of a variety of prostate problems such as an enlarged prostate.

Prostate massage was originally only performed by a medical practitioner as a way to
promote prostate health and relieve and manage a variety of prostate problems and prostate

Now, more and more men are interested in a prostate massage to promote prostate health
and to stimulate the prostate to produce a prostate orgasm.
An external prostate massage is performed by massaging the area underneath your
scrotum and above your anus. If you feel this area you should be able to identify an area
which is about 3 inches by 3 inches that is firmer than the surrounding tissue.

This is where the external prostate massage takes place. You gently massage this area in a
variety of patterns with either one or two fingers. For many men, this is a very enjoyable
experience, however most men will not reach a prostate orgasm with only an external
prostate massage.

As well, an external prostate massage does not provide any real health benefits. To achieve
a prostate orgasm and the additional prostate health benefits, you need to do an internal
prostate massage or it is usually called  a
prostate massage.

A prostate massage involves stimulating the prostate directly through the anal cavity. This
can either be done manually or by a prostate massager such as an
external prostate massage
external prostate massage