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Aneros information guide.
Aneros is the most popular and best seller prostate massage device available
today and is very effective for most men. The Aneros prostate massager is very
helpful for men who are unable to perform a prostate massage on themselves or
find it difficult to do so. This can be a good option for men who do not want to
use the traditional manual finger method. Several models are available and
include the original Aneros as well as the Helix,the SGX and the MGX. All models
perform the same function however each varies slightly in design to compliment
a variety of users.
Aneros was medically researched and designed for the user to easily and safely
perform a self prostate massage on themselves for a self prostate massage

Aneros works by itself compared to other available prostate massager or
stimulator devices that require some form of manual participation by the user.
Aneros can be used sitting, standing, bent over, upside down or whatever
position is the most effective as determined by the user.

Aneros accomplishes this by it's patented design and using the
contractions of your sphincter muscles. This is a unique design only effectively
being used by the Aneros line of products.

Most other prostate massage or prostate stimulation devices relay on the user
to manually with their hand move the device which can be awkward and make
the prostate massage much more difficult and thus less effective.

As many men around the world are learning about the health benefits from a
regular prostate massage,
Aneros offers a safe, effective and reliable way to
achieve those results. You can also use a
aneros video which can be effective.

Aside from the prostate health benefits from a prostate massage, users can
experience a much more intense and longer lasting orgasm than they would
normally experience.